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    Luxury Meets Innovation SP3000

    The A&ultima SP3000 is the flagship product that is the essence of everything learned and engineered over the last 10+ years of digital music processing.

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    The Future of Analog Sound SE300

    SE300, the fourth model in the A&futura, represents Astell&Kern’s ceaseless efforts for innovation, is equipped with an ultra-refined R-2R DAC, Class A/AB dual amps.

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    Engineered to Powerful Perfection KANN MAX

    The 4th product of KANN series, KANN MAX builds on the advantages of the KANN series with ultra-high output, fullest sound of Quad-DAC and noise-free Circuit Design.

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    Hi-Fi Sound on-the-go SR35

    The A&norma SR35 delivers the essence of true Hi-Fi sound with its small and light weight and stunning audio specifications such as Astell&Kern's premium amplifier circuit and Quad DAC.

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    Next-level True Wireless Sound AK UW100MKII

    The AK UW100MKII is a fully wireless earphone based on our proprietary audio technology, and its enhanced circuit design allows you to enjoy Hi-Fi sound anytime, anywhere.

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    • zero2 (1).png
    Advanced Quad-brid IEM AK ZERO2

    The AK ZERO2 is an IEM that features a “Quad-brid” design centered around an advanced driver array and Super Low Noise Cross-Over Network perfectly tuned.

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    Precision meets emotion AURA

    Expertly crafted in Germany, AURA blends innovation, sophisticated styling and cutting-edge technology to create a listening experience like no other.

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    • hc3_list (1).png
    Hi-Fi Sound Anywhere AK HC3

    USB-C Hi-Fi Dual DAC AK HC3, supports headset microphones, provides Ultra High-Resolution Sound from ES9219MQ Dual-DAC and connects to a variety of smartphones and PCs to enjoy Astell&Kern's premium sound anywhere.

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    • pa10_list-(1).png
    Portable Class-A Amplifier, AK PA10

    AK PA10 is the first AK model to introduce a Class-A AMP based on Astell&Kern’s know-how in AMP circuit design technology.

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    • ca1000t_list.png
    All-In-One Head-Fi Audio System, ACRO CA1000T

    ACRO CA1000T is an all-in-one Head-Fi audio system created for those who want to enjoy the best sound wherever they are.

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