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High-End Earphones Collaborated design AKR01

Final Audio Design x Astell&kern

High-End Earphones Collaborated design from Astell&Kern and Final Audio Design (FAD)

The AKR01 with a balanced armature driver and special tuning are premium earphones that deliver Astell&Kern's deep and rich sound. Final Audio design is Japan's premium audio equipment brand and their engineers have over 30 years of experience. Their passion, experience, and knowledge of sound is used when developing their products, and they receive much attention from all audio experts worldwide.

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Balancing Air Movement

To overcome the limits of balanced armature driver, such as lack of hearing low-pitched tone, or getting tired easily from continuous listening, BAM (Balancing Air Movement) technology has been used in the AKR01. The BAM mechanism, available only from Final Audio Design, controls the internal air flow and prevents sound leakage to create natural sound and 3-dimensional space when listening.


Remarkable Sound from Balanced Armature (BA) Technology

With the miniature BA driver, the AKR01 has a structured design that provide perfect fit to the ears. Compared to the basic dynamic drivers, a maximum of 4 times the developed sound insulation from the BA drivers effectively controls the internal and external noise for any environment which provides listening experience of the original sound as it was meant to be heard at the studio mastering level.

detail_03 Balanced Armature (BA) Driver
detail_04 Dynamic Driver


Detailed devotion is expressed with the AKR01's earpads. The internal structure consists of strong combination of parts with the housing and the external structure provides comfortable fit to the ears via soft materials.

Three different sizes of small, medium, and large are provided for both types of earpads (high sound insulation type, low resonance type), totaling 6 pairs, to allow for comfortable fit to the ears of any size.

detail_05 High Sound Insulation Type (3 sizes)
detail_06 Low Resonance Type (3 sizes)

Strong Stainless Steel Housing

The AKR01 is made of strong stainless steel housing for the highest sound quality.
The housing controls the unnecessary vibration from mid-range to high-range sounds, suppresses distortion, and creates clear sounds.
Final Audio and Astell&Kern's logos are finely engraved on the outside of the housing that provides a stylish look.

- Based on iPhone playback of 16bit / 44.1kHz M4A audio file format.


Flat Cable to Suppress the Touch Noise

Available in many of the premium earphones, the original flat cable is provided with the AKR01 to suppress the touch noise and to get rid of the uncomfortable tangling of the cables.
The special and careful design of the earphone housing and the cable connection prevents the common disconnection of the earphones during usage.