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Special Edition of Roxanne for Astell&Kern AKRO3

Jerry Harvey Audio
x Astell&kern

Jerry Harvey Audio custom earphones world's leading creator and collaboration Astell&Kern

Jerry Harvey Audio has been designing the world’s finest custom earphones for almost two decades and this newest innovation is no exception.

Astell&Kern is proud to announce Jerry Harvey Audio’s newest Roxanne Universal fit model for an Astell&Kern Special Edition product with collaboration.

We at Jerry Harvey Audio always looking for the best possible source player to showcase our IEM's. The Astell&Kern AK120 and now the AK240 have become our reference source player. It then made perfect sense for us to work closely with the good people at Astell&Kern to produce special version of our new Roxanne that is optimized for these extraordinary Reference Players. The result of this unprecedented collaboration between Jerry Harvey Audio and Astell&Kern is truly the most musical and emotionally involving system available on the planet.

by Jerry Harvey


Jerry Harvey Audio Roxanne Technology


SoundrIVe Technology

Roxanne was equipped with soundrIVe Technology, using Jerry Harvey Audio’s newest proprietary mini quad drivers. Roxanne has a triple quad driver (12 drivers) configuration that offers the widest frequency range you’ll ever hear.


FreqPhase Technology

Proprietary technology to support the sound quality of Jerry Harvey Audio "FreqPhase" to the limit to precisely control the phase of each band, and reproduce accurately as possible the sound that artists want to convey.

Variable BASS output Adjustable Cable

Variable bass output, adjustable from cable; user controlled low frequency drivers with the adjustable bass (0 to +15dB).
Frequency ranges from flat bass response up to +15dB. (10Hz to 100 Hz)


4-pin Cable Connection with Machined Aluminum Locking Collar

4-pin cable connection with Machined Aluminum Collar mechanism provides a more secure and strong connection with earpiece and will also help to protect it from sweat and dust.


AKR03 / Special Edition of Roxanne for Astell&Kern

Customized fine tune for AK240

Jerry Harvey himself has used his years of experience to achieve a special tuning of the IEM's industry first 12 Drivers to create an unprecedented synergy between Astell&Kern and IEM.

With careful consideration to the frequency response, output impedance and tonal characteristics of the AK240, Jerry Harvey has fine tuned the Roxanne-Astell&Kern edition to take maximum advantage and to squeeze every last bit of performance these two great products can produce.

Balance Cable for AK240

AK240 provides a full balance output with its specific 2.5mm 4pole terminal. This special edition is originally designed and fine tuned for the AK240 balance output and provides a balanced cable specially made to connect to the AK240.

* * - This originally designed 3.5mm unbalanced cable is also included in the package.


Astell&Kern Special Edition

Astell&Kern Logo Carbon fiber faceplate and Machined Billet Aluminum carrying case with special edition Engraved Astell&Kern and Jerry Harvey Roxanne logo will truly separate this special edition from the original.