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The New Standard for Hybrid Sound AK ZERO1

The New Standard for Hybrid Sound

The AK ZERO1 is a brand-new In-Ear Monitor product from Astell&Kern.
Astell&Kern strives to inspire and bring enjoyment to all, through the magnificence of experiencing music as close to the original sound.

We worked tirelessly to find ways of helping more people enjoy the pleasure of music and strove to deliver sound as true to analog as possible.

AK ZERO1 is the first model that offers the sounds that only Astell&Kern can provide. Let us introduce the first In-Ear Monitor from Astell&Kern, the long-awaited AK ZERO1.

  • Three Different Types of Drivers
  • Perfectly Harmonized Driver Structure
  • Highest Cross-Over Network Management
  • Acoustic Chamber created using 3D Printed Technology
  • Precise CNC Machined Metal Housing
  • Hi-Fi Grade Pure Silver-Coated OFC Cable
  • Hand Crafted in Japan


ZERO is a number that represents the reference point, and it also means the beginning. Astell&Kern, the global leader in the Hi-Fi portable audio market, introduces the In-Ear Monitor product from the starting point of "ZERO". AK ZERO1 is a new start for Astell&Kern and aims to be the new standard for In-Ear Monitors. By building our experience in IEM manufacture from “ZERO” we push to make ZERO1 a truely best in class product and a market leader in the Hi-Fi IEM arena.

  • Hybrid

    We create the perfect balance by considering different preferences.

  • Essence

    We believe that wherever you are, the highest quality sound should be fulfilled as purely and honestly as possible.

  • Promise

    We embark on new challenges to break new boundaries and enter a new era.

The Hybrid IEM with each driver's AK sound harmoniously distributed

Hybrid IEM AK ZERO1 focuses on combining the sounds of three unique driver technologies into one.

Composed of a Micro Rectangular Planar Dynamic Driver, two BA drivers, and a 5.6 mm Dynamic Driver, the AK ZERO1 harmonizes the characteristics of each driver to deliver the most natural sound to your ears.

An ideal frequency response was created through the Cross Over Network, which is designed based on a thorough understanding of each driver’s parameters. At the same time, each driver is carefully placed in the optimal 3D position, enclosed in specifically designed acoustic chambers manufactured with precise 3D printing technology.

By implementing this, we eliminated unnecessary movement and resonance of the drivers to ensure a stable performance.

Internal Structure

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    Special Micro Rectangular Planar Dynamic Driver Crisp and Dynamic Treble Sound

    The Micro Rectangular Planar Dynamic Driver is a specially developed driver with highly advanced technology that allows a planar driver, normally a very difficult driver to scale down, to be applied to in-ear monitors.

    We adopted a sturdy and lightweight planar membrane to minimize frequency loss and applied a vibration panel that features a high-polymer film with thin metal to create crystal clear high frequencies.

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    Dual Custom Balanced Armature Driver Transparent Vocal Sound

    Two BA drivers are made using custom coil parameters and offer crystal-clear vocals with super-low distortion.

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    Single 5.6mm Dynamic Driver Rich and Deep Bass sound

    The 5.6 mm Dynamic Driver has been created through a fully automated, error-free process, ensuring rich, controlled and deep low frequencies.


Hi-Fi Grade Pure Silver-Coated OFC Cable 4 Core (3.5mm Plug)

The Pure Silver-Coated OFC cable maximizes the performance of the Hybrid IEM AK ZERO1. It has been exquisitely crafted with high-purity silver plating and copper, and the aluminum plugs give it even more class.

The MMCX connector provides the best quality, offering a long-lasting stable performance.

* 4.4mm balanced cable sold separately

Made in Japan

The Hybrid IEM AK ZERO1 is meticulously assembled by highly experienced engineers and manufactured through stringent processes to the highest of tolerances in Japan with excellent facilities achieving the highest quality possible.



- Earbud L/R
- 3.5mm MMCX Cable x1
- 5 Pairs of Silicone Ear Tips
- 1 Pairs of Foam Tips
- Carrying Case x1


AK ZERO1's premium sound will open a whole new world that you have never experienced before, elevating you beyond the boundaries of sound. This is symbolized by the bold diagonal line that crosses the product, reflecting the identity of the AK ZERO1. "The Boundary to a New World” This key phrase encompasses the design of the AK ZERO1.

  • The cut surface created by the character line of the AK ZERO1 shimmers in the light, emphasizing the premium quality of the product. The shape of the AK ZERO1 has been carefully designed and refined along the inner ear canal to fit your ears perfectly. Light bounces off each surface, making the earpieces glisten like jewelry.

  • The uniquely shaped nozzles are slender enough to fit perfectly in the ears while still having enough space to harmoniously house the three individual drivers of the AK ZERO1. This ensures that the high-quality sound created by the hybrid driver configuration is delivered accurately and efficiently straight to your ears.