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The Perfect Match, AK380 Case

Embracing the AK380's design motifs.

The AK380 leather case captures the essence of naturally- reflected moving light and the cast shadows. More than simple protection, the leather case embraces the AK380's design motifs.


The AK380 leather case is made of Tudor side calf leather from Italy's INiziative Conciarie Associate (INCAS) workshop housing more than 190 artisans.
Side calf leather is from cows of two years of age or less, and its fine texture and smoothness are excellent for freely-expressing its characteristics during processing.

Calf Skin

Less than six months
Soft to the touch, beautiful
Clothing, handbags, belts, etc.

Side Calf (Kip Skin)

Less than two years of age
Fine texture, smooth
Shoes, accessories, belts, wallets, etc.

Cow hide

More than two years of age
Tough, thick
Handbags, belts, etc.


Italy INCAS Side Calf Tudor

INCAS received the Hi-Co certification through its ceaseless efforts in eco-friendly plant research. The tanning phase in the Hi-Co process differs from the typical vegetable-tanning product.

INCAS is dedicated to the development of environmentally-friendly products and performs strict post-tanning screening using over 60 different criteria to meet the high quality standards customers demand.


Hi-Co(High-Contents) is the ICEC-certified process used by INCAS to produce natural, metal-free leather, in full compliance with the strictest international standards for environmental protection and in line with ISO 14001 and EMAS certifications. In Korea, the certification applies to baby products.


Along with its sleek appearance and perfect grip-ability,
the AK380 leather case features a small internal gap to reduce damage due to friction with the screw cap for greater product protection.