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True Wireless Sound AK UW100
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True Wireless Sound

  • High Performance 32bit DAC
  • Best-in-Class Passive Noise Isolation (PNI)
  • Knowles BA Driver
  • aptX™ Adaptive for High Quality Wireless Audio
  • Ambient Mode
  • Premium Tier QCC5141 & Bluetooth 5.2
  • All Day Music (Total 24hrs playback)
  • Supports Wireless Charge and Fast Charge
  • 32bit DAC

    32bit DAC

  • BA Driver

    BA Driver

  • PNI

    Top Level

  • Ambient Mode


  • aptX Adaptive


  • Bluetooth


  • All Day Music

    All Day Music (24hrs Playback)

Uncompromised Hi-Fi Quality.
No Cables Required.

High Performance
32bit DAC
Knowles BA Driver Premium Tier QCC5141 Ambient Mode
aptX™ Adaptive Total 24hrs Playback Bluetooth 5.2 Touch Control

Astell&Kern's long-standing, fundamental principle is the reproduction of sound as true to the original source as possible.

The AK UW100, Astell&Kern's first fully wireless earphone, based on our proprietary audio technology,
provides uncompromising wireless Hi-Fi sound with no cables required.

A rarity for True Wireless Stereo (TWS*), the AK UW100 has a separate embedded high-performance 32-bit DAC
as well as a Balanced Armature driver for accurately reproducing sound, allowing the delivery of precise,
high-quality audio with no loss of detail.
aptX™ Adaptive audio codec support for exceptional audio quality is the final flourish,
ensuring the AK UW100 is ready for wireless Hi-Fi sound.

Combining all these features with ergonomic design and best-in-class Passive Noise Isolation (PNI),
the AK UW100 takes your listening experience to a dimension where only you and the artist exist.

*TWS (True Wireless Stereo) products use Bluetooth to connect to earbuds. No cables are required.

A New Benchmark for Wireless Audio

True Wireless Stereo has long been a focus of our product development.
For us TWS ultimately is a means of giving people the freedom to enjoy their music.

The AK UW100 is the result of Astell&Kern's uncompromising dedication to authentically replicating the original sound
even in the challenging wireless environment, as well as our laser focus on the essentials of audio transmission.

Digital signals are inaudible, so the DAC converts them into audible analog signals.
In the case of many generic TWS systems, the DAC is integrated with the BT chipset, meaning that the focus is on
lower power consumption rather than better sound quality, and that they have inherent physical limits
when it comes to improving sound quality.

On the other hand, by combining the unique amplifier and audio circuit technology from A&K’s digital audio players
with the AK4332, a 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC, the AK UW100 reproduces sound on a whole new level compared to the BT-chipset-integrated DAC.
Moreover, it enables clearer and more accurate sound reproduction in all genres by adopting the Knowles Balanced Armature Driver,
which is typically used in expensive IEM (in ear monitor) systems, instead of the Dynamic Drivers that are common in generic TWS systems.

The AK UW100 delivers the best wireless Hi-Fi audio you have ever experienced.

AK UW100 Audio Circuit compared to Conventional TWS Models

The other brand TWS


Total Music Immersion

The AK UW100 uses best-in-class Passive Noise Isolation (PNI) to immerse you completely in the music.

ANC is not essential to achieve both reduced ambient noise and increased musical focus.
When combined with the thoroughly tried-and-tested ergonomic design of the AK UW100, PNI is sufficient to reduce noise physically.

Unlike generic ANC, which concentrates on cancelling low-frequency noise,
PNI can efficiently cancel unwanted ambient noise in the mid and high ranges, as well as higher-pitched sounds.
Notably, the AK UW100’s noise cancelling capability is comparable to that of ANC, even for low frequencies.
Another significant feature is that sound quality is retained, since noise is attenuated by the structure of the earbuds rather than by software.
Developed with the help of countless simulations, the AK UW100's best-in-class PNI capability allows you to escape annoying ambient noise and to immerse yourself in an experience where only you and the artist exist.

If you wish to hear ambient sounds, just tap the left earbud once to activate ambient mode.
You can switch between the four ambient modes by tapping or using the app.

AK UW100 Noise Isolation VS Other Models
  • AK UW100 -22dB -33dB -41dB
  • A model -15dB -23dB -31dB
  • B model -18dB -25dB -34dB
  • C model -32dB -26dB -30dB
  • D model -25dB -26dB -22dB
  • E model -16dB -27dB -24dB

* Based on the highest frequency band at each of the low (20–100 Hz), mid-to-low (100–500 Hz) and mid (500 Hz–2 kHz) ranges
* The measured values of each model are compared based on the measurement site data.
* Actual measurements may differ depending on the way the product is worn or measured.
* Actual measurements may differ depending on the ANC implementation method (FF, FB) of the comparative model.
* The ANC maximum performance frequency band of the comparative model may differ from those presented above.


Premium Bluetooth,
Ideal for Hi-Fi Sound Quality

AK UW100 features powerful wireless performance enabled by Premium Tier QCC5141,
support for aptX™ Adaptive, Qualcomm's next-generation high-quality codec for wireless 24-bit sound quality and Bluetooth 5.2 support, for better connectivity than previous models.

In particular, through aptX™ Adaptive support, latency — the downside of Bluetooth audio — has been significantly improved.
It also provides a feature that adjusts the bit rate according to the content or wireless environment, and supports 24 bit through a bit rate of up to 420 kbps.

In addition, Qualcomm True Wireless Stereo Plus* mode minimizes transmission delay by transmitting independent signals to each earbud.
We hope you’ll enjoy the AK UW100’s benefits of premium Bluetooth technology combined with next-gen high-quality wireless codecs.

* Qualcomm True Wireless Stereo Plus, This feature requires a smartphone that supports Qualcomm True Wireless Stereo Plus.

Different specification
  • Parameter Qualcomm aptX™ Adaptive Qualcomm aptX™ HD Qualcomm aptX™
    Low Latency
    Qualcomm aptX™
  • Word Depth 24-bit 24-bit 16-bit 16-bit
  • bit rate Typically,
    279kbps to 420kbps
    570kbps 352kbps 384kbps @ 48kHz sampling frequency
    325@41.1Hz sampling frequency
  • Variable bit rate Yes No No No
Multi-Point and Multi-Pairing Support

AK UW100 supports Multi-Pairing and Multi-Point functions. Pair your earbuds on multiple mobile devices at the same time. Not only can you easily switch connections to another mobile device, but you can also listen to songs played on your tablet PC while actively allowing phone notifications and calls from your smartphone.

*The Multi-Point function supports a connection of up to two devices.

Multi Point
Battery Performance as Impressive as the Sound Quality

With AK UW100, there are no worries about continuous playback time, one of the key features of TWS systems.
The earbuds alone stay running for a minimum of 6 hours and up to 24 hours,
so you can enjoy music all day without worrying about power.

Alongside the convenience of wireless charging, AK UW100 also supports fast charging, so you can charge for 10 minutes to play for an hour.

Easy, Full-Touch Control

Precise full-touch control is enabled so you can simply tap to switch
between functions:
Play Music, answer calls, adjust the ambient level and volume, and more.

Voice Assistant Support

Tap the left earbud three times to activate your smartphone's Voice Assistant function. Control music playback, make phone calls and more powerful smartphone functions with your voice.

*The supported Voice Assistant function may vary depending on the specifications of each mobile device manufacturer.

Dual Mics for Clear Voice Calls

Integrating a Voice Communication Package (VCP) from voice application specialist Alango,
the AK UW100 enables quality voice calls.

Based on special Acoustic Echo-Canceller and Noise-Suppressor technologies,
the AK UW100 effectively reduces noise in a variety of settings and environments, ensuring call stability.

Easy Configuration with Our
Proprietary App

Install the exclusive app to access various functions and configure the device with ease.
With the app, you can customize the touch controls, ambient levels, various EQ settings, and more.

Internal Structure


The AK UW100 is the first Hi-Fi TWS device based on Astell&Kern’s proprietary sound technologies. As with in-ear monitors (IEMs), it delivers the richness of the original sound intact and free from distortion, all through the freedom of wireless.

Just as Astell means "star" in Greek and Kern means "center" in German, so too Astell&Kern symbolizes the company’s core identity of representing the center of music. This identity also shapes the design philosophy of the AK UW100: the beauty of music is symbolized by a single star (Astell), embodying the twinkling and scattering of starlight.

The product design emphasizes the contrasting surfaces, allowing users to appreciate the shapes, colors, materials and finishes used in the earbuds and how they play with the light, and to picture in turn the stellar beauty and delicacy of the sound created by Astell&Kern as it is focused and diffused.

Designed to fit snugly in the ear, the earbuds' shape is transformed from a pentagon to a circle, just as the sound flowing through them transforms when it is gathered, refined and then reproduced with clarity.