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The Essence OF Tesla Techonolgy AK T8iE

Beyerdynamic  x Astell&kern

The AK T8iE MkⅡ succeeds and improves on the AK T8iE, the world’s first Tesla in-ear headphone, collaboratively developed by Astell&Kern and beyerdynamic. The new flagship model promises truly outstanding sound and exceptional build quality.

The AK T8iE MkⅡ has high-grade silver-plated fiber cables with coaxial construction, an upgrade from copper cables. It also introduces a new voice-coil, drawing on all of the audio excellence beyerdynamic has pioneered since 1924. Despite its small size, the AK T8iE MkⅡ allows users to experience an extremely wide frequency range, with crisp bass, well-balanced mids and crystal-clear highs.

Like its predecessor, the AK T8iE MkⅡ, is hand-made by highly skilled engineers in Germany. Combining Astell&Kern's philosophy of "providing the original sound" with the expertise of beyerdynamic, the AK T8iE MkⅡ sets a new benchmark.

AK T8iE vs. AK T8iE MkⅡ
  • Voice-coil New, improved voice-coil

    - highest reliability / extremely low distortion
    easier movement of diaphragm at high volume levels
    High-grade voice-coil
  • cable High-grade transparent silver-plated cable

    high purity silver,copper alloy conductors for the purest sound
    aramid fiber core for ultimate strength / skin friendly, ultra flexible transparent sleeve
    Premium copper cable
  • MMCX connectors High precision gold-plated MMCX connectors

    perfectly fitting components / highest reliability
    lowest resistance for best audio performance

    Gold-plated MMCX connectors

Internal Structure


New, improved voice-coil

The AK T8iE MkⅡ introduces a brand new voice-coil for a superb listening experience, drawing on all the heritage and audio excellence beyerdynamic has pioneered since 1924. Keeping the perfectly tuned acoustic signature of the AK T8iE, the new voice-coil increases reliability and lowers distortion to a minimum. Each voice coil is carefully inspected and adjusted by hand, using a digital microscope camera with 40x magnification.


High precision gold-plated MMCX connectors

The high precision MMCX system consists of tolerated, including or such as : plugs, sockets and toothed washers.
Low electrical resistance prorides the best audio performance possible. High reliability for daily use.

High-grade transparent silver-plated cables

The AK T8iE MkⅡ is supplied with high-grade silver-plated fiber cables with coaxial construction, a strong upgrade from standard copper cables.
To ensure highest wearing comfort, the cables are skin-friendly and ultra flexible. The transparent sleeve effectively reduces cable noise.
All conductors are made from high purity silver/copper alloy (Ag–Cu–alloy) for the purest sound.
The cable material is specially fabricated for the new AK T8iE MkⅡ.
For ultimate strength, the cables are reinforced with high tension aramid fiber cores.


Great flexibility

Besides the standard 1.3m cable with the general-purpose 3.5mm plug there is an additional balanced cable for Astell&Kern devices(works with AK70 / AK100Ⅱ/ AK120Ⅱ/ AK240 / AK300 / AK320 / AK380). It provides a balance output with its specific 2.5 mm 4-pole terminal. A leather case stores the in-ears safely for transport.