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The Starting Point of Music AK Jr

Thin and Light

The AK Jr project gives everyone the opportunity to comfortably listen to high resolution audio, anytime and anywhere.
Although the Astell&Kern was a portable device, its relatively large size made it less convenient for some.
The AK Jr’s compact design delivers the highest sound quality while fitting comfortably in your pocket.
The AK Jr is like carrying a small concert in your pocket.

  • CS4398 (Single DAC)

    Single DAC

  • 24bit 192kHz bit to bit play

    24bit 192kHz
    bit to bit play

  • Balanced Output


  • USB Audio (Digital Out)

    USB Audio
    (Digital Out)

  • AK Connect App

    AK Connect

  • Metal Body(Aluminum)

    Metal Body

  • CD-RIPPER (Support)



The AK Jr supports DSD, the digital audio format widely considered to be the next-generation in high resolution audio. Listen to a greater range of audio through DSD.


* The AK Jr converts 2.8 MHz DSD files to PCM.

Full Touch Screen

The AK Jr features a 3.1" LCD touchscreen that is about 1.4 times larger than the AK100’s LCD.
The smartphone-like full touch capabilities offer responsive interface and the larger screen displays more information.

Album covers that are in a 4:3 format on the AK100 are now displayed 1:1 aspect on the AK Jr’s larger screen.

img AK100 Music Playback Screen
img img AK Jr Music Playback Screen

64GB + microSD 256GB

The AK Jr features 64GB of memory to store more music than ever before. Supporting microSD cards up to 256GB, the AK Jr is capable of offering a whopping total storage capacity of 320GB!

The combined 320GB of internal memory and external microSD card capacity is capable of holding more than 3,125 high resolution audio. (Based on one, 4-minute song @ 24 bit/96 kHz, taking up 90MB)


The AK Jr simplifies complex features of Hi-Fi audio to a smartphone-like experience. The simplified design exemplifies the original concept of the AK Jr.

The raised screen provides secure grip and slims down the profile from 8.9mm to 6.9mm. The full aluminum body and textured aluminum volume wheel allows smooth one-handed operation.