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Dreamus USB Audio Device Driver



1. This Driver is for Windows 7/8/10(32/64bit), In case of MAC OS, it can recognize without Driver install.

2. Driver is installed only first time. After that, it will be recognized automatically.

3. To use SP1000 USB DAC as Default device, please modify the setting as below:

- Windows 7/8/10: Control Panel - Sounds Select the "SP1000 USB DAC" in the 'Play' tab, and then select as “set as the Default device”

4. To play High quality sound in Windows 7/8/10: Control Panel Sounds - Click the Properties of "SP1000 USB DAC" - 'Advanced' tab Change Default to the "24bit, 192000Hz"

5. For Native DSD playback, music playback program can play Native DSD.

Depending on the music playback program, you have to change 'Device' into the 'SP1000 USB DAC' in the device settings.

6. Please refer to the manual for other USB DAC information.

How to install Driver

1. Connect the SP1000 to PC

2. On the Home Screen of SP1000, Touch the "DISK" and then change into the "DAC". Or, Setting USB mode "DAC Input"

3. Click the Download button and download the USB DAC, and run the "setup.exe" file, then click the [Next >] button

4. When the below screen is displayed, connect the SP1000 to PC, then Click the [Next >] button.

5. USB DAC connection screen will be displayed on SP1000. Install location screen will be displayed on the install program.

6. Click the [Install] button.

7. When install is completed, please click [Finish] button.