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Artist who captures the beauty of everyday life on canvas, DAVID JAMIN

David Jamin was born in 1970 in Nimes, in the south of France. He is accomplished in all types of media, but now favors oil / acrylic.

His paintings are strong and expressive, showing a natural joy of life. He is listed in The International Who’s Who in Art.

- Can you briefly explain your artwork?

 “Painting is just a way for me to talk about life, feelings, human beings… I called my work on portrait ‘INTROPORTRAIT’ which is a mix of ‘Introspection’ and ‘Autoportrait’. This face is not somebody in particular, it can be anybody, man or woman, young or old… The eyes are closed to emphasize serenity, dream, goodwill. I want my artwork to be positive, full of life and happiness.”


-  What are the essential elements of artwork? 

 Sincerely, love and joy! Art must bring happiness to people like it brings happiness to artists.

-  What inspires you?

 The beautiful things of life. It can be any detail of daily life: a bird coming at the window, a little child playing or singing, a polka-dot dress, the footsteps of horses in the street, the cicada’s song, music! Reading inspires me a lot too!


-  How does music inspire your life and artwork? 

  I always listen to music. I’ve always said to my two children: please never stop listening to music. For me, we can’t live without art, especially music.

I don’t have a favorite really. My playlists are classical, pop, rock, jazz… I am receptive to any music!

- What does Sound mean to you?

Sound means life! There are so many sounds that show we are alive.

When you walk near a school and hear the children playing in the schoolyard. When you are in the countryside with a “perfect silence” and you hear only the birds or cicadas… When you only hear the wind in the leaves of the trees… They are all sounds of life.

Sound means happiness: when you have something to celebrate, you play music