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Notice about Embedded Tidal APP


May 20, 2021

Thank you for your patience over the last month as Astell&Kern’s engineering and software development teams have been working hard to implement updates to the embedded Tidal app.

As this is third-party software that needs to be integrated into more than a dozen different players, it has taken a bit of time to complete and test the updated firmware.

The new firmware is in the final stages of review by our partners and should be available within the next week or two once validated.
We will begin rolling out the updated firmware model by model, so we ask that you please be patient as you wait for your model to receive the update.
Please follow our social media pages, your regional dealers and distributors for additional updates on the firmware release.

Thank you again for being part of the Astell&Kern family.

Model Notice
SP2000, SP1000, SP1000M, SE200, SE100
KANN Alpha, SR25,
CT15, CT10
Firmware development to fix the Tidal authentication login issue is currently in progress.
Once the updated fix is complete, the firmware will be pushed individually to each model.
Firmware updates are expected to become available starting at the end of May and continuing through the beginning of June(dates are subject to change).
AK380, AK320, A300, AK70 MKII,
KANN, AK240, AK120II, AK100II, AK70
AK500N, AK T1
Tidal is dropping support for older model Android devices.
Unfortunately this means Tidal can no longer be supported on the following players due to the new authentication requirements.
However, we are currently looking into ways to continue to support the Tidal APP on these players through the use of the AK Connect app via smartphones and tablets.
More information will be available in June 2021.